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рубрика "ТЕМА". Nikos Economopoulos. "На Балканах"

Альбом магнумовского автора Никоса Экономопулоса In the Balkans составлен из съемок 1987-1994-го годов. Хороший пример многолетней работы автора над темой. Почти каждый кадр можно читать как короткий и ёмкий рассказ.

Ещё об авторе здесь.

GREECE. 1988. GREECE. West Macedonia, Village of Siatista. A gipsy musician playing at the feast of August 15th, 1988.

TURKEY.1990. Kars village. Nomads.

Sofia. Mausolée du dirigeant communiste Georgi Dimitrov. Affiches anti-communistes. Sofia. The Mausoleum of the communist leader Georgi Dimitrov. Anti-communist posters.

TURKEY. 1987. Black Sea region.

ALBANIA.1990. Korce.

ALBANIA.1990. Girokaster. In a café, reflection on a broken window.

Tirana. Children playing with a ball at the main street of the central market in January. The balls are on sale only in Christmas time.

TURKEY. 1988. Eskisehir. A horse farm.

GREECE. Kea island. School children dressed up on National Day for the parade celebrating the Greek independence (separation from the Ottoman Empire). March 25th, 1988.

GREECE. Island of Karpathos. 1989. GREECE. Women cooking traditional pastries. 1989.

GREECE. 1989. GREECE. Island of Patmos. Children waiting for the start of the procession during which they will carry the icons. 1989.

GREECE. Island of Tinos. 15 August, feast of the Assumption. Pilgrimage of the miraculous icon of Virgin Maria. The man who's laying down on the ground is supposed to be possessed by the bad spirit. 1989.

GREECE. 1989. GREECE. Keos. During the procession of Saint-Haralambos. 1989.

GREECE. Ionian islands. Kefalonia. The annual celebration in the honor of St Gerasimos. The celebrants lie in a long line on the ground during the procession, while the priest passes the miraculous icon over them, transmitting its holy grace. 1989.

GREECE. 1989. GREECE. Epirus region. Aherontas River. 1989.

TURKEY. 1989. TURKEY. Dongubeyazit. Patrol of soldiers after an attack of the kurdish guerilla. 1989.

TURKEY.1990. Province of Dijarbakir. A Kurdish village.

TURKEY.1990. Demonstation of the Turk Socialist Party in Yosgat.

TURKEY.1990. Erzurum.

TURKEY.1990. Konya. Waiting for the bus.

TURKEY.1990. Eskisehir. Cafe only for men.

TURKEY.1990. Black Sea area.

TURKEY.1990. TURKEY. Patnos village. Schoolboys at the marketplace. 1990.

ROMANIA. 1990. Alcoholic woman at Baia-Mare.

ROMANIA. 1991. Armours guarding the parliement in Bucarest, just after the revolution and the collapse of the Communist goverment.

ROMANIA. 1991. Transylvania. Café.

ROMANIA. Bucarest. Demonstration against the President Iliescu. The photo on this piece of newspaper shows Iliescu with his ex-executive leader Nicolae Ceausescu. 1991.


ALBANIA. Elbasan. 1991. One of the psychiatric hospitals used by the Albanian government to shut up the members of the Opposition.

FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF YUGOSLAVIA. Gipsies . The posters on the wall concern the referendum for the independence of Macedonia. 1991.

ALBANIA. Tirana. March 1992.

GREECE. Island of Karpathos. 1989. GREECE. Olympos village. Young members of the National Guard during the Easter festivities. 1989.

GREECE. Island of Karpathos. 1989. GREECE. Avlona village. Women watching the dancing during a local feast. 1989.

TURKEY. 1988. Central Anatolia. Konya village. A shepherd wearing a traditional coat for the winter.

GREECE. Arachova village. Feast of Saint George. A disabled young boy is lying down on the side of the street in order to participate to the festivites. 1988.

GREECE. Island of Karpathos. 1989. GREECE. Village of Olympos. 1989.

GREECE. Island of Karpathos. 1989. GREECE. Island of Karpathos. Saint Friday, in a orthodox church.

GREECE. 1989. GREECE. Athens. A nun waiting for the bus. 1989.

GREECE. Island of Karpathos. 1989. GREECE. Avlona village. Folk dance during the feast of St. John, August 28th, 1989.

GREECE. Greek-Albanian border. Relatives forced apart by the creation of the border are reunited after forty-five years of silence. 1991.

GREECE. 1993. GREECE. Epirus, Parakalamos. A gipsy musician. 1993.

ALBANIA.1990. Greece, Greek-Albanian border, DelvinakiIllegal Emigrants from Albania in the local Police station.

ALBANIA. GREECE. 1991. Albania, Tirana.

ALBANIA. GREECE. 1991. Albania, Tirana.

ROMANIA. 1991. Bucarest.

ALBANIA. 1991. Tirana. Railway station.

ALBANIA. 1991. ALBANIA. Tirana. The Central Railway station. 1991.

GREECE. Thrace region. 1991. Muslim minority. GREECE. Thrace region, near Xanthi. Muslim wedding. 1991.

ALBANIA. Tirana. March 1992. In the prison. A prisoner vote for the first presidential elections after almost fifty years of the Communist regime.

GREECE. 1994. GREECE. Macedonia region. Town of Ptolemaida. Coal miners on strike. 1994.

GREECE. 1994. GREECE. Macedonia region. Refugees of Greek origin arriving from the former Soviet Union. 1994.

GREECE. Alexandroupolis. In a coffee shop named "the tavern of Ali". A Muslim gipsy holds up a chair without losing balance to prove his sobriety. 1991.

Albania, Sopiki village. After45 years of prohibition, Greek minority villagers celebrated again the religious feast of Virgin Mary on August 15. People dancing in the streets.

Сожалею, но на перевод caption меня уже не хватит... Да и переводчик я не мягко говоря не лучший.
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